Why and How Do You Masturbate?

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So, May is masturbation month, and I thought I’d write a little on the topic.

Why and how do you masturbate? Those questions will have more information below, and while you’re reading, ask yourself the same questions. Why do you do it? And what’s your preferred way to do it?

Enjoy reading. 

The Why

Did you know that The Journal of Sexual Medicine revealed that women worldwide had masturbated at least once for one reason or another- a whopping 94.5%? And most of those women masturbate while in a relationship. 

One in four do so up to three times a week to help with sexual desire, relaxation, sleep, and stress reduction. Almost one in five prefer going solo than being stimulated by their partner, and for the five percent of women who’ve never masturbated, their two reasons were ‘lack of sexual desire’ and ‘it’s a partner-only thing.’ 

Dr. Andrea Burri of the Institute for Sex Counseling and Sexual Sciences, Switzerland, says, For many women, masturbation does not represent a partner substitute for seeking sexual pleasure; instead, it’s a stress coping and relaxation strategy.

Not all women get off with vaginal penetration by a penis, and often an excellent solo masturbation session can bring you the ultimate chill factor and the ability to handle anything that comes your way. 

Most women, while masturbating, focus on clitoral stimulation, not vaginal, and still, some need both. Solo masturbation sessions can bring you to a place in your body where only you know how to drive the magic carpet ride to get there. 

While no two women are alike in their ways of pleasuring themselves, there are commonalities. Shere Hite categorized the way women masturbate, with most stimulation being the clitoral and vulva area. 

Where do you land on this list? 

Sixty-two percent masturbate while lying on their backs. 

Five and a half percent lay on their tummies. 

Four percent rub up against a soft object, such as pillows. 

Two percent get off under the faucet or use a hand-held shower attachment. 

Three percent masturbate by simply pressing their thighs together rhythmically. 

Eleven percent have a primary method but sometimes switch it up. 

Twelve percent sometimes/always simultaneously use a dildo. 

One percent masturbate with the solitary act of using a dildo.

A Few Final Thoughts

There’s a myth that there are no real health benefits from regular masturbation. 

Here are a few facts.

There are several physical, mental, and social benefits to masturbation. It’s a beautiful relaxation strategy, an endorphin booster, a pain-reducer, and an anxiety buster, helping to give you a good outlook on life. It can help reduce premenstrual tension in women, relieve stress, and induce sleep. 

For older women, it helps maintain vaginal health and prevents vaginal atrophy.

For men, it can help manage premature ejaculation, and for both men and women, it helps them become familiar with their bodies and what feels good. In addition, it provides a sexual outlet to those who choose to abstain from sex with partners or do not currently have a partner.

My opinion is that masturbation is healthy, necessary, and something to be enjoyed by everyone.

If you can’t enjoy pleasuring yourself, how can you enjoy someone else pleasuring you? You must know what turns you on, what makes you feel good, and most importantly, what makes you orgasm to show your partner what you like.

That way, you both receive.

Thanks for reading. 

I’d love to hear from you in the comments or by email

Please do let me know why you masturbate and how; juicy details -pun intended – are what I thrive on.

-Shannon Marie


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