This Rain Makes Me Want To Fall Asleep in His Arms

 Do you know that scene in the movie Dirty Dancing where Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze make exquisite love on a pouring rainy afternoon?

That’s where my mind is right now, except I’m Shannon, and my lover is R.

I imagine him and me kissing lazily in his cloud-like king-size bed, with a Sade album softly playing in the background. There’s no time, nor is there any rush to go anywhere or do anything. I love how he feels lying on me; his cock gently pushes against my inner thigh, signifying its need. His firm muscles make my hands wander and grab across his back and ass as we kiss- deeper now as our intensity slowly builds.

I love this kind of foreplay with R and me. It’s foreplay I like to call ‘listen to your senses’ because we generally don’t say much – we feel everything playing out, have intense eye contact at times, and speak to each other through the way we kiss and press our bodies together.

I lose track of time and go into how R feels against me and in me, surrounding me with his desire, eventually making me lose my self-control.

Without words, our wants, needs, and desires are met.

And this rain makes me want to fall asleep in his arms after sensuous foreplay and luxurious, satisfying sex.

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-Shannon Marie


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