A Rainy Saturday


He read my mind as we stood there in his kitchen, hugging and rubbing on each other.

The rain fell heavy outside, and being in his arms felt good. My mind kept thinking, no agenda today, and as I thought it, he whispered in my ear, let’s go up to my nest.

I slipped under the cloud-like covers, and he wrapped me into his embrace, my ass nestled perfectly into the crook of his hips and his face buried in my neck.

I could feel his hard-on, and my pussy was wet.

Yet sex wasn’t on the menu – classically, anyway.

It was a rainy Saturday, and we both knew what we wanted and needed to be satisfied.

He pressed his cock against me and squeezed my body tighter to him, me snuggling in closer.

I knew the signal.

I turned over onto my stomach and spat on my fingers. He propped up on his pillow and reached for the oil.

We looked at each other briefly with sensuous grins before he started to stroke himself, and I lay down flat and slid my saliva-drenched fingers down to pull the soft hooded skin of my clit back and wriggled my other hand down to coax it to a hard pulsating nub of pleasurable sensation.

I could hear his breath as he worked his cock, edging himself slightly to prolong his orgasm.

My mind flashed from vision to vision of naughty fantasies I’d never shared with anyone – not even him.

My breath caught as my fingers caressed the soft flesh of my pussy lips.

I pumped my hips like I was fucking someone.

His breath got choppy, and I felt his body start to stiffen – he was about to climax, yet I knew he was holding it back as long as he could.

I spat on my fingers again and readjusted the pull on my clit to access the sensitive nerve endings underneath, and my mind replayed all the fantasies until one stood out.

Dark pussy lips and me sucking on them. I imagined how they’d smell and taste. My mouth watered as though they were right in front of my face, and my fingers moved more quickly over my now puffy clit.

A soft moan escaped from me.

My hips pumped faster.

His whisper, tinged with hot passion, came out in staggered breaths,

It’s gonna come.

His orgasm took him to a place in his body that only he could access. I heard it in his sighs as his climax brought him into ecstasy.

Listening to him made the intensity of my masturbation that much more heightened.

And the life-like vision and sensation of a woman with dark soft pussy lips sitting on my face as I brought her to orgasm gave me my climax.

My toes curled, and I mumbled dirty talk as I rode the waves of pleasure that caused every muscle in my body to tighten before succumbing to sensation.


Heavy rain falling on the rock patio below his bedroom window, mixed with the cocoon-like nature of his bed and the heady scent of sex, lulled us into a blissful, easy-going midday nap ripe with fulfillment, smiles, and immense satisfaction. There’s no better way to spend a rainy Saturday in my eyes. 🙂

Hey there.

Thanks for reading this short story – I hope it inspires you to have fun with mutual masturbation. It’s a great way to know each other’s needs and wants.

And it’s sexy to masturbate with the person you’re attracted to.

I’d love to hear your mutual masturbation stories by commenting or emailing me. Please tell me what you do, how it works for you, and what you laugh about together during your escapades of pleasure.

-Shannon Marie


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